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Texts and Translations

This page does not contain an exhaustive list, but I primarily consult and comment upon these specific texts and translations.

While these are not the only texts consulted, these are the ones I primarily read. I predominantly quote the Scriptures from public domain texts or from works licensed in ways that don’t heavily restrict my ability to cite them (e.g., Creative Commons licenses, copyright licenses explicitly allowing usage by Orthodox Christians for nonprofit purposes, etc.).

At times, I may alter translations but indicate the base translation that was altered and indicate that changes have been made. I may also translate a text into English myself. When no version information is given, and it just says something to the effect “translation from the LXX,” that generally means I’ve translated a text directly from the source text(s) indicated.


Again, this is not a complete listing, but contains the main texts I read and study.

If you’re a software developer or other computer power user, check out these Awesome Bible Developer Resources.


I belong to an Eastern Orthodox parish that uses the Byzantine Lectionary associated with the Revised Julian calendar. Lectionary references herein generally align to this.

What does a certain abbreviation mean?

See Common Abreviations

Alterations of translations

Where I’ve generally followed an existing translation but have altered it, I’ve retained the acronym designating that specific translation but have indicated it has been altered and placed modifications in brackets and/or add a footnote. These are my own alterations and are not endorsed by the translators and/or editors of the respective base translations.

When no published version is listed: For the Hebrew Old Testament, I generally follow BHS but will begin with the WEB as my base English translation and alter it when I see fit. For the LXX, I generally follow Swete (but may also consult Rahlfs and the Göttingen LXX), but begin with Brenton ENGLXXUP as my English base translation and alter it as I see fit. When I began this process, I annotated and footnoted all of my alterations, but after Genesis 4, ceased annotating / footnoting them. For the Greek New Testament, I generally will cite the BTV / TCENT but occasionally follow the EOB. I generally indicate when/where altered for the NT.