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In general, the LXX follows the Hebrew closely for the book of Genesis. However, there are some notable differences at times (although this perhaps represents an earlier Hebrew manuscript tradition than the MT, as the DSS have revealed in certain places).

Creation (1:1–2:24)

PericopeLectionary (Byzantine: Revised Julian)Title
Genesis 1:1–131st Monday of Great Lent (i.e., Clean Monday,
Beginning of the Great Fast)
Creation (Days 1–3)
Genesis 1:14–231st Tuesday of Great LentCreation (Days 4–5)
Genesis 1:24–2:31st Wednesday of Great LentCreation (Days 6–7)
Genesis 2:4–191st Thursday of Great LentCreation of Adam
Genesis 2:20–241st Friday of Great Lent (2:20–3:20)Creation of Eve (Zoe / Life)

Fall and Exile of Humanity (2:20–4:26)

PericopeLectionary (Byzantine: Revised Julian)Title
Genesis 3:1–201st Friday of Great Lent (2:20–3:20)The Serpent and the Fall of Humanity
Genesis 3:21–242nd Monday of Great Lent (3:21–4:7)Exiled from Paradise
Genesis 4:1–72nd Monday of Great Lent (3:21–4:7)The First Children
Genesis 4:8–152nd Tuesday of Great LentThe First Murder
Genesis 4:16–262nd Wednesday of Great LentCain’s Lineage and Birth of Seth